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Welcome to Tidewater Cove!


Whether you are a resident or visitor, Tidewater Cove provides each person with a unique setting distinctly different from many other urban condo living areas today. 

Located on the Washington side of the Columbia River, Tidewater Cove provides panoramic views of the areas as well as a wide variety of wildlife.   Waking up each morning to see the sun coming up over the mountains or watching the moon rise over the river provides residents with spectacular views that cannot be found elsewhere in the area. 

While many residents have household pets, the wide array of wildlife provides for additional entertainment and enjoyment.  Not only are the birds in abundance, but coyotes, deer, rabbits, frogs and, yes, turtles make their homes at Tidewater Cove.  Some even have names.

At the end of the day, what’s not to like about Tidewater Cove


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